Bathtech Building Products Sdn Bhd
42 & 44, Jalan Ros
Merah 2/17,
Taman Johor Jaya,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
BATHTECH BUILDING PRODUCTS SDN BHD is a leading company which supply multiple choices of bathroom accessories. At Bathtech store, you can find almost all bathroom products you desire to decorate your bathroom. Our aim is to utilize our expertise in the arena of bathroom products to people who are looking for better life, and environment.

We specialist in supplying:
  • Sanitary wares Kitchen accessories
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Tap fittings
  • Solar heater
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Bathtub/ Jacuzzi
We are confident that with our expertise, latest technology, research and development, we can fulfill our customer needs and requirement to continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management Systems.

You are welcome to visit our company for detail product information. We strive to achieve higher production level to fulfill customer’s satisfaction and promise to deliver the best quality of products with fair prices.

Vicenza BTW Close Coupled (Rimless) WC

Turin Close Coupled WC

Treviso Close Coupled (Rimless) WC

Treviso BTW Close Coupled WC

In-Tank Meridian-N Back To Wall WC @White ( A893303000 )

In-Tank Meridian-N Wall Hung WC @White ( A893301000 )

SP-302S Free Standing Toothbrush Holder

SP-105R Free Standing Toothbrush Holder

SP-104V Free Standing Toothbrush Holder

SP-103W Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder

DH-900-VP 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-900-VP 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-800-2W 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-800-1W 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-725-2VP 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-725-1VP 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-700-3VP 3 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-700-2VP 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-700-2CP 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-700-1VP 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-700-1CP 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-600-VP Soap Dispenser

RH-C505-SS Row of 5 Towel Hooks

RH-C504-SS Row of 4 Towel Hooks

RH-C503-SS Row of 3 Towel Hooks

AR-6520S Glass Shelf with Skirting

AR-4230S Corner Shelf with Skirting

AR-3605-ZS Row of 5 Towel Hooks

AR-3604-ZS Row of 4 Towel Hooks

AR-3603-ZS Row of 3 Towel Hooks

AR-530S-CP Glass Shelf with Skirting

AR-530-CP Glass Shelf

AR-240S-CP Corner Glass Sehlf with Skirting

AR-230-CP Corner Glass Shelf

AR-8156-5 Row of 5 Towel Hooks

AR-8156-4 Row of 4 Towel Hooks

AR-8156-3 Row of 3 Towel Hooks

AR-8055-5 Row of 5 Towel Hooks

AR-8055-4 Row of 4 Towel Hooks

AR-8055-3 Row of 3 Towel Hooks

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